About duns don'ts and dons
Affected man and his anathemized balcony
Aftershock therapy
Alaska all areas
Baby Jane Holzer
Bisous de Montane
Black box
Black light
Boathouse bait
Book of folklore (running river)
Boxing and the Beats
Carbon copy cat
Corso and a giant leap of rotten flowers
Counter culture
Crafts and catskills
Crystal crumblers
Curfew plugs
Double helix
Eleven silkscreens
Embryonic impetus
Falcon's bay
Glaring red bird
Got to meet Martha
Greedy and seriously twisted
Henrietta's golden ball from Barcelona
I have walked a sinful road
In praise of plastic pork
Just one 'Magot'
Klytaimnéstra (ode to Mariska Veres)
La Atalantes at the Clam-Gallas Palace
Lady Leotard's last pursuit
Laudanum (revisited)
New, vague and nebulous
Not a total loss ('t was)
Or Anycity
Pitigliano... a lump of tufa
Pose exposed (strikingly)
Rock and revolter's moodswings
Russian pier victory #3
Said the American to his analyst
Saloon and small talk
Say it in Kor(e)an
Shine on, Mercedes
The soft machine
The wink of an icon
To soar beyond sight of deities
Tricked by the torch singer (Billie Holiday)
Vaccines and immunization
Vickie Lynn (another dog to bite you)
Vigil of silence (John Lennon's 25th memorial day)
We're in the Viper Room
What's the real victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?
Wipe earth (escaliers)














M.J.C.A. Stout Vuurland (born 1976, last names aproximately pronounced somewhat like ‘Stowed Viewerland’) is considered one of the most promising young dogs in Dutch poetry. In an early attempt to conquer the English/American market he sent some of his immature works to a large number of literary magazines, both UK and USA. Though he was treated kindly in their reviews of his writings mostly (‘stimulating and intoxicating, yet not publishable due to an obvious lack of skill and experience in the Anglo-Saxon/Anglo-American tradition’ – New Yorker, August 2004) not a single one of them appeared in print in the end. Instead of allowing himself to indulge in a state of depression, he used the next year to read as many volumes of poetry as he could lay his hands on by both well-known authors of the genre and exponents from various underground movements. Enriched by many marvelous experiences, he created in a quite remarkable tour de force his ‘new poetics’ (one should read Aristotle on this). These efforts appeared not to be in vain: always aiming for the highest heights and lowest lows he published some new poetry on this site which was, subsequently, visited by vast amounts of – mostly university related – English-speaking literary adventurers who rewarded him with highest praise and constructive criticism. This, combined with a successful performance reading from new material at the Raga Stage (NYC), ultimately led to the construction of an all-English section. In the near future, this site will be updated as frequently as possible.

Want to know more about M.J.C.A. Stout Vuurland? Contact him at mjcastout_vuurland@hotmail.com