WIPE EARTH (Escaliers)

Wipe earth and wipe your feet –
don’t think I’d like to see
you otherwise…

Know both ends meet, they will
and they’ll meet freshly…

Wipe feet and wipe your board –
don’t think I’d like to see you
wipe your ways…

Mind mutual trim and tee your
sacred flesh, gee, tie and tee…

I saw the earth burn down beneath
your feet; therefore I understand
your brining need; therefore I
understand what people

You just wash mine and I will
cleanse your hands…

For you are mine, for me your
heart will grow; I grow it fond,
I grow it green your grass of
yon; then, maybe one day,
folks might mime, I’ll tell
you so:

That you’re my kindness; yes,
from this springs kindness…
speak! Call sentimental, -tality
and lie lust-weak…

I do not wish to polish shoes,
not even noir; café is one, you
see, and I’ll see you ce soir

Well, it’s just anything I haven’t
got, I want; I am desirous of
your sort, you say I can’t…


M.J.C.A. 14-02-2006