VIGIL OF SILENCE (John Lennon’s 25th Memorial Day)

After October 9, 1940

Like a stillborn structure, or
a stubborn stopwatch in an
open hand: so many reasons
to remodel them tentacles
into a clenched fist.

Rummaging through some
smoke-choked closets and
accompanying dumbstruck
drawers of conventional
dislike; the others are
unwieldy wild and
woodworms in
the pine.

All apple and granite-grown
grand, enlightened globe
by gland.

Meanwhile, in between these
second moons, a tale bears

During unfrocked fairness, or
distorted order in the public
eye: very few foot-notes
to clarify them carets
into an edited list.

Pondering on some
pop-eyed daydreams
and covering lateral
letters of universal
dismay; the same as
in different styles
and in side-dish
tabled wine.

All grapevine and laurel-lit
wreath, immortalized life
by death…

And the maiden.

Before December 8, 1980

What has come over you?