A POSE EXPOSED (Strikingly)


Grandmaster Mash states it
clear in publications to appear:

“Was it there?
It was in the corresponding
pocket of the trousers which
he had worn on the day but
one preceding.”*

Plaster and pestilence picking
up the pieces at an order –
next in line are pretenders to
a throne.

To read or to be able… to beat
a tangled strain and just be left;
devices to dismay and to the

The greatest sore of all is to
be caged.

High Priest Maureen makes it
clear that many forces reappear:


“Why was he doubly irritated?
Because he had forgotten and
because he remembered that
he had reminded himself twice
not to forget.”*

Venus in virulence ringing
phony nieces and a doctor –
meanwhile she stands silenced
in fur own.

To comprehend, to come preten-
ding… to persevere forlornly
frame from petty, theft; the rice
to this occasion grain, or graces.

These are the heartrending seeds,

And… were you actually there?


M.J.C.A. 11-23-2005

[*Taken from James Joyce’s Ulysses]