Spread the word yet shut your mouth!

Thus the playwright told the poet;
what he molded was moreover
what he meant to mend himself.

Take me to your truth and trap me;
well, what are the odds of that?

Take your time yet hurry up!

Thus the cricket told the critic;
while he chirped a chiff-chaff chisel,
while he cheered his cheesy stealth.

Warm me in your weal and whip me:
what ’cha think of that?

Keeping up this double chin and
chit-chatting with cheeky chicks
‘round rumorous Town Square.

Holding up this single sin and
signing up with kiss-a-ways
‘bout beauteous first fair.

La Atala lands at the church of
choirboy buoy anthems; la Atala
ends up in temples, tempted and
in trance…

M.J.C.A. Stout Vuurland