By the pool the pranksters prayed for
rocky rain one day, puddling the mud
then was the least of their concerns.
Proceed, proceed, the seed is saved;
protrude, protrude, appeals appall:
aquamarine, concrete and
structure after all...
one learns.


Among the mob the misfit mixed two
different drinks up once, garters for guts
they tossed his head before he turned.
Come forth, come forth, comfort is in:
come on, come on, the tide is high:
cinnabar, star, circles and
lines hang over all…
who spurned.


This is the greed, the greater need; this is
the hood, the greater good; this is the
slum, the greater glum: distinctive
humbleness of guests for we have
wished it. Who could have
guessed? Well, blessed be
and have yours fast!


Between the pork and key to pie peaks
source of stride today, chopping-off nuts
some crazy way to breathe castrating.
Grasp life, grasp life, just suck in air;
clasp-knife, clasp-knife, the vet is in:
ochreous, germ, suckers and
pigs screech, scare ‘em all…


This is the threat one feels in bed; this is
the risk, the puzzled disk; this is be-
wilderment, a maze: confusing
labyrinth or rumble, jumble
missed it. Who could fore-
tell? You? Cursed be,
then cast your spell!


Sloth is an enemy more sinful and alarming,
a foe foreboding doom, biblical’ charming;
mere indolence makes mockery warranted,
take – seriously – twisted not for granted.

M.J.C.A. 26-04-2006