CRYSTAL CRUMBLERS (Sylvicultural Robert Lowell)

A horrible last October lavish stay;
we passed the crystal crumblers and fundraisers,
hand-in-the-pockets an 2005th estate –
changing lanes round the vandals vanguard ranks,
creed ability for belated signs of thrust;
provincial presence: diamond, dart and dice.
Paris Hilton would have found her lights on
while winking her final dog-date in Berlin,
slender cousin’s dogtrot, dig-dog tailor,
cuckoo to cumber from this analysis,
her carpentry perjures, perceives per throne…
we were regossiping pellucid lead-free;
our connotations were unnoted, did or do,
eyes frightening and a wrathful sum of swoon.


M.J.C.A. 10-29-2005

[Derived from Robert Lowell’s Diamond Cutters]