To those who said: "you will not make it
this far," I won't comment and show
my due respect - which neither
feels, nor fears. For cause is not effect;
effectiveness will know.

To those who meant: "we bring you down,
in the end," I cannot bend, my rheuma-
tism forbids - this crippled crime
just rears. For rhyme is what, at wits?
My witticism proves true.

Reluctantly relying 'pon those scholars
who have failed to publish anything
at all - those crushing with their
tails, the child unborn, the bloom
unbred. Feed back the ones, unhailed.

Not anything is found in books: the
sacred lines in there are guidelines
for the common man: these rules
are not outlined. Before you criticize
with pens, pin points inside your head.

Ban Bible, Koran, Talmud and anthologies
you swear by. You're heard, you mournful
fetishist; your days are forth and by - bye.

M.J.C.A. 23-07-2005