At the back-bent beacon on the waterfront,
at the blackhead beaches on the borderline,
at the water meadows way-out wadded:
welcome warlords, copulate and dine.

Torches lit and torches lined off conduct,
white are the sheets on beds of ephemeral
brides; this night is nubile nude, undressed
and undiluted: undo the easiness of sorts,
pages we write.

Come on over, come on clairvoyants and
cover over or up these lightening seeds,
your roving eyes.

On the on-line channels at the power board,
on the one-time chandlers at the open source,
on the power planners perhaps patted:
prosper provosts, counterclaim decline.

Candles fit and candles filled with candor,
black are the backs of pages escapade clau-
ses; this height is humbly bugged, unveiled
and unrugged: condone the genius in shorts,
lines we recite.

Come and lower, come you cockeyes and
cobble over or up these frightening streets,
your allied lies.

In purple haze a purpose is provided for,
envisioned blank on blank like Bangalore.

M.J.C.A. 20-10-2005