Straighten it out and jack it, jacket;
double-check it, cheese your cake.
Redefine some fine equipment,
equivalent valor, quake.

Double ‘R’ makes double take and
does not sell to public.

Water it down then duel, jewel;
crown her cruel, watch at steak.
Red a range and rowdy rovers,
pinkish grapefruits, fiery Blake.

Coupled spells speak shimmy shake,
they dwell: Apollo, Sputnik.

Give it all you got, give it all you got…

As for finders are the keepers – portal,
protocol, pro-gate.

Thus the black box swipes its sweepers –
agro, -gressiveness, innate.

Living in a movie, living in a movie…

It is the rag doll or the Argonaut, the
gorgon-droning Laundromat: we all
rummage around and hunt the truth.

Yet only data is supplied, lied to
instead – a sound astute.

M.J.C.A. 05-07-2006